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Rhythm World Registration Is OPEN
July 12 - 21, 2024
Chicago's International Festival of American Tap Featuring
2024 JUBA! Award Winner Derick Grant
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Philip & Marsha Dowd
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America’s oldest and most comprehensive festival of tap celebrates its 34th year with two weeks of rhythm bending, in-person education and performance programs by a combination of veteran and next generation artists. Attendees may take one class or a combination of masterclasses, courses, or choreographic residencies.


Classes will take place at Chicago’s historic Fine Arts Building in the Annex, Studio 300 at 410 S. Michigan Avenue with concerts at The DuSable Black History Museum, the legendary Jazz Showcase, and the Studebaker Theatre in the Fine Arts Building. 

Rhythm World 2024 Features 4 Unique Performances at 3 Iconic Chicago Venues . . . 


Sunday, July 14, at 5:00 PM  FREE

The Chicago Human Rhythm Project welcomes you back to The DuSable’s Black Legislators Auditorium, to premiere a new tap dance work with Stone Soups Rhythms. A new rhythmical investigation, ‘Ugly Flavors’ will show a sample for the first time at this venue, with choreography by CHRP artistic director Jumaane Taylor. This work will incorporate all tracked music by Columbia Symphony Orchestra from “Rite of Spring” PART 1, and live Ornette Coleman selections from the Brent Griffin Jr. Trio. With prolific tap solos from Rhythm World artists Jason Janas, Naomi Funaki, Cartier Williams and Melissa Almaguer.

This project was supported by the Changing Times Tap Initiative, a division of Changing Times Tap Dance Company, Inc.
New York, NY.

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Tuesday, July 16, at 6:30 P

The Chicago Human Rhythm Project welcomes you to our annual Jazz Showcase concert. An improvisational tap show led by our artistic director, Rhythm World 34 faculty, invited tap dancers and the Eric Hochberg Trio. Returning to Rhythm World, master practitioner Jason Janas, legendary tap dancer Cartier Williams and special guests.


Wednesday, July 17, at 6:00 PM    FREE

​​This is the students' chance to express themselves with their own performance work. Chicago Human Rhythm Project opens up the concert floor for the Rhythm World 34 Student Showcase. If you either have a solo, small or large group routine you’d like to perform, THIS is your opportunity! We look forward to witnessing your work during our final festival week. Performance submissions no longer than 5 minutes. Please sign up with if interested.

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Friday, July 19, at 6:00 PM    FREE

Hoofing at the legendary Studebaker. Join the Chicago Human Rhythm Project’s final festival concert! We bring our annual tap dance festival concert from Rhythm World 34 down to the Studebaker Theatre in the Fine Arts Building! Expanding percussive sound, space and time. Solos by the iconic Derick Grant, new champion breed Naomi Funaki, Flourish Dance Academy founder Martin Bronson, masterful artist Cartier Williams and CHRP’s own Lane Alexander. With new work being presented by faculty choreographer Sarah Savelli, including Karrissa Royster and Stone Soup Rhythms.

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Festial Calendar

2024 Rhythm World Brochure
Classes will take place at Chicago’s historic Fine Arts Building in the Annex

Education Programs

2024 Education Programs
All classes are held in Studio 300 at the Fine Arts Building
410 S. Michigan Ave, 3rd FloorChicago, IL 60605


Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate, & Advanced

July 12, 13, 14, 20, &21

All up to the “master” in the room. The masterclass is an audition style setting. Meaning, you pick up whatever they put down. This week’s faculty will grant you with daily tap inspirations. Sharing their masterful ideas for that level. It could be a warmup, an across the floor, a combination, or all of the above but particularly structured for the students in the room. Beware of what artistry these tap masters share with you, it will take you a step closer to understanding this art form.
The materials may change in each particular masterclass, so the rhythmic journey may be risky. But brilliantly informative for the craft.

Faculty: Lane Alexander, Melissa Almaguer, Martin Bronson, Naomi Funaki, Derick Grant, Jason Janas, Reggio McLaughlin, Anthony Morigerato, Karissa Royster, Sarah Savelli, Jumaane Taylor, & Cartier Williams

All Masterclasses are 80 minutes.

Fees: $30 Per Masterclass


Learn something to stay with you on your tap journey. The classic festival ‘course’ track where you are guaranteed to take something home. Maybe it’s just a couple of steps that catch your ear, though hopefully it’s a few bars of continuous tap combinations and variations that will become helpful for your eternal rhythmic experience. Building off of those artists’ ideas, rather than just routines, would be the focus here. Though the routine aspect is practiced here.

Faculty: Lane Alexander, Naomi Funaki, Karissa Royster, Sarah Savelli, & Cartier Williams

Each class is 80 minutes/day for 4 consecutive days. 

Fees: $100 Per Course

Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate & Advanced

Tuesday, July 16 - Friday, July 19

Choreographic Residency

Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate, & Advanced

Tuesday, July 16 - Friday, July 19

What does it mean to choreograph tap? When we are choreographing this style, is it tap or something else with tap? In order to honor tap, we must keep tap dancing. During this residency we are putting you in the space with 2 of the most defining voices of our field. Here we teach you how to compose or choreograph for tap. Strategically creating a rhythmical flow that compliments the music, but also exemplifies the art of tap. Within the works shared this week, you will learn how to build for this dance, fitting for the concert stage.

Faculty: Derick Grant, Anthony Morigerato

Each residency class is 80 minutes/day.

Fees: $150 Per Choreographic Residency


Hotel Accommodations


If you're looking to mix things up, ACME is the right choice for you. Located 2 ½ blocks from the Magnificent Mile in the River North neighborhood, ACME is downtown Chicago's lifestyle hotel alternative for the tragically hip. If you appreciate an eye for design and dig a high-tech vibe, you'll feel right at home in this trend-setting, but invitingly approachable hotel. Click the link below to take advantage of the Rhythm World 34 discounted rates.

Hotel Accommodations
  • How do I determine what level is appropriate for me or my child?
    The best way to determine the appropriate level for you or your child/teen/dancer is to ask their instructor, who is most familiar with their abilities. If their teacher is unfamiliar with our program and/or instructors, we can better determine an appropriate level if you provide a video link which shows you or your child/teen/student dancing in which the feet can be CLEARLY heard. You can send video links to
  • What are the age restrictions for the programs?
    While there are no strict age restrictions for most programs, some things to consider are whether you or your child/teen is at the appropriate skill and maturity level for the chosen classes. Maturity and skill level are not always determined by age, but students must be able to function in a highly focused learning environment. We can help to place students in the appropriate program/level by viewing clear videos in which the feet can be clearly heard. More specific questions and video links can be sent to
  • I have no experience with tap dancing. Can I take beginner-level classes?
    Unfortunately, there are no classes offered at Rhythm World for absolute beginners. There are a few advanced beginner classes for those with some tap experience. Beginner level classes are offered year-round at the Mayfair Arts Center.
  • Can I register for classes at the festival? Or should I register in advance?
    You may register at the festival for any classes that still have openings. However, CHRP does not guarantee that you will be able to get a spot in your preferred classes if you register at the festival. We highly recommend you register in advance.
  • Can I video the class?
    No, videos are not allowed. You must ask permission of the instructor if you wish to make a video AFTER class. Videos are NOT permitted under any circumstance DURING classes.
  • Are there any discounts?
    There is a 5% discount for groups of 5-9 dancers; 10% for groups of 10 - 14 dancers; 15% for groups of 15 - 19 dancers; and, 20% for groups of 20+ dancers. Please contact Derek Layne, Executive Assistant, for more information about how to register a group and receive a discount.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Students may cancel their registration by June 14 to receive a refund minus a $75.00 cancellation fee + the $35.00 registration fee. Unfortunately, refunds will not be issued after this date for any reason.
  • What if the class I want is full?
    If classes are full, you can be placed on a wait list for the classes you wish to take. CHRP will notify you if a spot opens up in your desired class.
  • What if my class is cancelled?
    CHRP reserves the right to cancel any class before the start of the festival, due to low enrollment. If your class is cancelled, we will notify you right away and you will have an option of moving to a different class, a tuition credit to be used at another program or a full refund.
  • How can I help/volunteer at Rhythm World?
    Please call the CHRP office at 312-542-2477 to learn more about volunteer opportunities at Rhythm World.
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