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Tap Dancing Classes

Tap Dancer

Rhythm Tap, Theater Tap, Improvisation, and More! Find it at the American Rhythm Center 6 days a week. Classes are ideal for beginners to pros and everyone in between. Check out the class offerings below and be sure to sign up early as these class fill up fast!

Click on the class name below to learn more about specific classes.

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More About Tap Dancing Classes at the Mayfair Arts Center

Tap is percussive dance that is uniquely American. The roots of tap dance trace back to 19th century America, with primary influences from African and Irish dances and rhythms. Tap dancers strike the ground, using their feet and the flooring surface as a percussive instrument. Specialized "tap shoes" are worn and are generally made out of leather with aluminum toe and heel taps.


Beginning tap students explore their instrument while learning basic steps, exercises, combinations, and music theory. Higher levels will learn additional techniques and learn more complex exercises and combinations.

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