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Ballet Shoes

Develop, strengthen, and fine tune your technique, artistry and musicality in ballet classes taught by Alexei Kremnev and Anna Reznik, founders of A&A Ballet, or Kia Smith, Artistic Director of South Chicago Dance Theatre.

Click on the class name below to learn more about specific classes. For information about A&A Ballet's classes, and to register, click here. For information about South Chicago Dance Theatre's classes, and to register, click here.

Click on "SIGN UP" next to the class you want to register for.

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More About Ballet

Ballet dance is an art form that utilizes the movement of the body in creating a performance. Highly formalized, the codified structure is a combination of steps and gestures that can tell a story, convey an emotion or character. Strong focus is devoted to musicality, memorization and core technique. Ballet allows the artists to gain an acute awareness of the internal structure of the body to allow for a fluidity of movement and pain free ease.

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